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Sumary of Isaac’ s fight over the last two and a half years:

Isaac was born via c-section two weeks early at 7lbs even and was thought to be a healthy baby boy.

After ariving home from the hospital, he failed to thrive though it was hard to see due to his swollen belly and the chubby cheeks he inherited through me.

Isaac also had what was thought to be chronic bronchitis and severe indigestion.

I knew something was very wrong with my little angel but the doctor kept brushing me off, saying it was just a milk allergy and to switch him to a soy formula.

Jump forward 5mp months, I get a voicemail from the nurse telling me she had made and appointment at childrens for a sweat test because his pku was abnormal for cystic fibrosis. She wanted to know why I didnt make the appointment. First of all, why would I not attend such and appointment, and second- why would you leave a message like that? I believe she should have called me in to discuss something so serious and maybe explain a few things to me. Needless to say, I was distraught. I was and emotional basket case. Something was terribly wrong and I knew it the whole, just not what it was. We made the next available appt which was in three weeks, I swear it was the longest three weeks in my life.

At the appt, they placed a diaper over his arm to collect sweat, hokked him up to and electric curant machine to warm his arm and produce sweat. Painless, and the nurse was the sweetest in the world. I still see her when we have clinic and she brightens up my day.

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